Friday, July 31, 2009

Cute Little Bunny

Forest Friends

When I first saw this set in the New Mini I could hardly believe my eyes!  It took me back to childhood - and a beach towel I had when I was just a wee girl - It had some very cute disney-fied Bambi creatures on it - anyway, this wee fella looks suspiciously like Thumper!  (I still have the towel somewhere around too - I would never be able to part with it!)  I have to admit though I have struggled to use it...I just seem to be lacking the "I need Children" gene, and as such kids stuff is something I just have to push myself to do. 

I had better get off and start packing my gear up for the big Garage Sale tomorrow - Hope to see you there if you are local!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Silhouettes & Shadows


This card right from the very start was difficult!  It started out looking completely different - even the colours were different!! And try as I might, I couldn't think of any stamps I wanted to use....had my mojo dried up?...perhaps I just needed to sleep on it?.....then, FINALLY as I scanned and re-scanned the Catalogue, Upsy Daisy spoke to me.....then as I was fiddling round with what colour ink to use with it, quite by chance I stamped it on top of a previous stamping and voila!  I got the idea to make a shadow look.....unfortunately its not quite as clear in the photo as it is in "real life". 

Just loving those buttons we have this year...and of course the ribbon - but then if you look at nearly everything I make there is always some ribbon in there somewhere:)

Enjoy your evening!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mojo Monday #97

Here's my take on this weeks Mojo Sketch.

Mojo Monday

I couldn't resist using some ribbon though - and I think it balanced the lower half of the card....and come to think of it I think its my first Christmas card this year!  I've had the build-a brads sitting here to use for ages - but being the magpie I am its hard for me to part with precious metal things...but this sketch really needed them.  Better go post it - make sure you check out all the other entries here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Inkspirations Take 2 & Garage Sale


ok - here it is...take 2 of Makeesha's challenge. A little more of a grown up's card this time ;)...A lot easier to make too.

Now, before I forget (as I have been meaning to post this for about a week now) there's a group of New Plymouth Demo's having a huge Craft Clear Out this Saturday (1st August) at New Plymouth Bible Chapel - Vivian St, New Plymouth....its an afternoon affair (1pm - 4pm) - so all you mum's with kids at sport on Saturday morning have no excuses - you really must come along! There will be loads of Bargains - and for a variety of crafts too - I have around 5 big apple box's of stuff on my own to get rid of - mostly scrapbooking / card making gear that I know I am not going to use - (I am still convinced that one day I am going to win lotto and have time to Spin, Knit, Sew and do all the rest of the crafty things I have stored away...I know I have about 4 teddy bears half made that I really should finish and give the kiss of life!) Hope to see you there.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Inkspirations Challenge

Well, I spent nearly all day yesterday 'playing stamps' as my partner calls it....just cards though - I needed something with less measuring and thinking than the supplies kit - (scroll down to my last post if you haven't had a lookie - and yes - I will get on to instructions this week!!)

So - I have actually come up with 2 different cards for the Inkspirations Challenge, but I need to drip feed the creations this week if I am writing instructions after all LOL:)!

So here is take 1:choo choo

ok - so its nothing like bedding - but I just thought I would use the colours as a starting point - and I hadn't had a chance to use Choo Choo yet (available August 1st - not long now!!) and tada! along came a cute kids card.....or maybe a card for someone who's really in touch with their inner child :)  It was fun to make - apart from all the ribbon folding and it was great to use colours I would probably never use otherwise.  Now I better go post this on Makeesha's Site - and check out the other entries for inspiration.

Catch you all tomorrow with take 2.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

This time its an original 3D...but Baja Breeze is back!

I have been thinking for months that I need to make up a 3D item all of my own to share with the world - problem is when you get home from 8 hours of accounts / dealing with contractors / sub contractors and clients (most of which are males - do I need to say more?) your 'original' creativity kind of goes out the window. But this week I decided to take the boot camp approach with myself - Just get on with IT!!

So here it is:P1020188

Ok your thinking what is it?...take a look inside:


It's what I like to think of as a Girls Night In Supplies Pack.....that's its kind of name for now until I think of something a bit more snazzy.

Inside you have everything you need to get the girls together for a night in for a movie / final of your favourite series (Grey's tomorrow night??)

Everything means: Invites, coffee, chocolate (of course!!) popcorn and a handy wee pack of tissues - you know us girls - we like a weepy movie now and then!

Here's the invitations (inside & out):


It's very much a first try and looking at it now I think the next one will be fancier than this, but you get the idea at least.....I will work on putting a pdf of instructions together over the next week or two.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Soft Summer - it's Manuka, Honey!

When I first saw this set in the Mini I thought 'Finally - something that looks like a NZ native!' Now, I'm not big on native's in my garden - I normally go more for flowers and fragrance - not that you would know it lately when you see the jungle it has become ;) but its really nice to be able to give something a bit of a 'kiwi feel', especially when posting overseas.

soft summer

Its kind of a simple card - which suits the simple flower I think....and look - no Baja Breeze at all this time!! Not that you can see it but I have paper toled the flowers for a bit more dimension.

Tomorrow I should be able to drag myself to a supermarket (I hate supermarket shopping - I mean really loathe it!!) so I can finish off my little surprise I am posting later this weekend....stay tuned!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pretty Butterflies:Great Friend

Just a simple post tonight as I am kind of working on a grand unveiling for the weekend....I just have to go to the supermarket to get the supplies to fill the pockets.

I've been playing round again with more of my Mini pre-order goodies - the gorgeous Great Friend set and some of the Parisian Breeze Textured Paper....the whole thought of a Parisian Breeze sounds delightful right now as its absolutely crap weather here in Taranaki.....but anyway this paper is just gorgeous - sumptuous even!  If you cant tell - my favourite colour lately seems to be Baja Breeze - makes me think of summer!

Hope you like the card :)


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mojo Monday on Wednesday


Hi there!  Well this is my second take on the Mojo Monday sketch this week - the first one is just plain not blog worthy...and it was kind of good that it wasn't as it gave me the motivation to work on a more masculine card than my normal girly-girl style.

Mojo 96

I tried out my markers with the spritzer for the sunset look - I think I still have a bit of practice to do with these...but you get the idea.  It passed muster with Aidan - so I guess even boys appreciate a touch of ribbon and shiny metal....but then he is kind of obsessed with boats - him working down at Port Taranaki just feeds the obsession!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cute little Cookie Box

A little while ago I was trawling blogs for fun new 3D projects to make and I came by Tracy Harp's Blog where I found the instructions for this cute little box / bag. Now last year for Christmas I made cookies for all the guys in the family (my kind-of famous triple chocolate chip brownie cookies - definitely no Cadbury's chocolate) and had to make do with plain old cellophane bags - largely due to leaving it to the last minute to organise them - but I think a little man-bag of cookies would have been one bag even the most blokey of Kiwi men would like to carry!


Its all Stampin' Up! except for my wee reindeer friend there - I found these little felt creatures at a Christmas decorations shop around 18 months ago - always thought I would dye them with re-inkers but the cream lightened this box up just nicely. So anyway - this year the nephews, brother's in law, and Aidan's Dad might just all be sporting a new little man-bag! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Card Tote Take 2

As promised I did get another We Stamp tote made last night and I finished off the cards this morning before work.  All nice and christmassy this time - Using the a bit of the great new designer paper from the upcoming Mini and a lot of Winter Post on the cards.


Again I have changed the joint of the strap to something a little pretty:

Handle crop

And the cards the middle card amongst this lot feature more mini preview goodies - the stamp set is Tree Trimmings.


Well, off to try and get a few more things made for further posting this week.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Retro Tote

Hi again....ok so don't have a heart attack but I am back again, and its not even 4 months between posts!

Over on We Stamp members can get the instructions for this Cute Card Tote...I had thought I would do a couple - but I seem to be running out of weekend - maybe I will get another one done this week - a Christmas one could be a go-er. Anyway - this one is retro inspired - I was flicking through a house & garden or something similar the other day and there was a really cute wee trinket here's what I came up with:

P1020143 crop

And a few cards to go inside:

P1020142 crop

Now I changed it a wee bit from the instructions not that you can see it here...and try as I might I can't get a good photo at night of this - but I have used the corduroy big buttons from the upcoming Mini to join the 'shoulder strap' to the purse....speaking of the strap - check out that big wide stripy ribbon - yep more Mini preview might also notice a few new stamps in the mix too!...enough of my ramblings - I should be making another tote to show you all! :)

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