Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cute little Cookie Box

A little while ago I was trawling blogs for fun new 3D projects to make and I came by Tracy Harp's Blog where I found the instructions for this cute little box / bag. Now last year for Christmas I made cookies for all the guys in the family (my kind-of famous triple chocolate chip brownie cookies - definitely no Cadbury's chocolate) and had to make do with plain old cellophane bags - largely due to leaving it to the last minute to organise them - but I think a little man-bag of cookies would have been one bag even the most blokey of Kiwi men would like to carry!


Its all Stampin' Up! except for my wee reindeer friend there - I found these little felt creatures at a Christmas decorations shop around 18 months ago - always thought I would dye them with re-inkers but the cream lightened this box up just nicely. So anyway - this year the nephews, brother's in law, and Aidan's Dad might just all be sporting a new little man-bag! :)

1 Comment:

Keryn Campbell said...

What a gorgeous box. Thanks for posting the link to the tutorial.

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