Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mojo Monday on Wednesday


Hi there!  Well this is my second take on the Mojo Monday sketch this week - the first one is just plain not blog worthy...and it was kind of good that it wasn't as it gave me the motivation to work on a more masculine card than my normal girly-girl style.

Mojo 96

I tried out my markers with the spritzer for the sunset look - I think I still have a bit of practice to do with these...but you get the idea.  It passed muster with Aidan - so I guess even boys appreciate a touch of ribbon and shiny metal....but then he is kind of obsessed with boats - him working down at Port Taranaki just feeds the obsession!


Michelle said...

AWESOME card Melinda - well done. Super dooper Men's card!

Sharlene said...

You're out of control girl - from no blogging to full on more than once a day?! AWESOME! Keep on blogging ...

By the way, love the card too - really stunning!


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