Sunday, July 19, 2009

Retro Tote

Hi again....ok so don't have a heart attack but I am back again, and its not even 4 months between posts!

Over on We Stamp members can get the instructions for this Cute Card Tote...I had thought I would do a couple - but I seem to be running out of weekend - maybe I will get another one done this week - a Christmas one could be a go-er. Anyway - this one is retro inspired - I was flicking through a house & garden or something similar the other day and there was a really cute wee trinket here's what I came up with:

P1020143 crop

And a few cards to go inside:

P1020142 crop

Now I changed it a wee bit from the instructions not that you can see it here...and try as I might I can't get a good photo at night of this - but I have used the corduroy big buttons from the upcoming Mini to join the 'shoulder strap' to the purse....speaking of the strap - check out that big wide stripy ribbon - yep more Mini preview might also notice a few new stamps in the mix too!...enough of my ramblings - I should be making another tote to show you all! :)


We Stamp said...

Yeah - I'm so glad you're back! Cute tote (you already know how much I LOVE that set of stamps!!). TFS.


Michelle said...

Woohooo! I actually gasped when I saw your gorgeous cards & tote! Well done Melinda. Very sweet!

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