Saturday, July 25, 2009

This time its an original 3D...but Baja Breeze is back!

I have been thinking for months that I need to make up a 3D item all of my own to share with the world - problem is when you get home from 8 hours of accounts / dealing with contractors / sub contractors and clients (most of which are males - do I need to say more?) your 'original' creativity kind of goes out the window. But this week I decided to take the boot camp approach with myself - Just get on with IT!!

So here it is:P1020188

Ok your thinking what is it?...take a look inside:


It's what I like to think of as a Girls Night In Supplies Pack.....that's its kind of name for now until I think of something a bit more snazzy.

Inside you have everything you need to get the girls together for a night in for a movie / final of your favourite series (Grey's tomorrow night??)

Everything means: Invites, coffee, chocolate (of course!!) popcorn and a handy wee pack of tissues - you know us girls - we like a weepy movie now and then!

Here's the invitations (inside & out):


It's very much a first try and looking at it now I think the next one will be fancier than this, but you get the idea at least.....I will work on putting a pdf of instructions together over the next week or two.


Karen R said...

brilliant shall I send you my home address - love to come :-)

PSST it's really hard to find Post A Comment - black on black & hate to do a lot of mouse hovering "where it should be" to leave one

Melinda said...

thanks for that Karen - have changed the font colour...should be a bit clearer now :)

Lisa Green said...

WOW!!!! this is amazing, very applicable, and very appealing! Genius! Love it! Seriously, this is a stunner, can't wait to try this, in both sense of the words a) the boot camp approach of making myself DO some creating and also, to knock up something without a "recipe" (even though you started from scratch, I have some very cool pictures to work from.

Catherine said...

Would you be happy to share how you made it as it looks awesome and I thought about making one from a friend as a birthday present

Sharlene said...

I'm so glad you found the time to create (even after days of dealing with men!). This is really fabulous!!

Now, when's the movie and what time should I be there??


We Stamp said...

FABULOUS procect!! Love it.... and I miss Greys!!

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