Sunday, October 12, 2008

Congratulations Besty!

P1010780 Well its been a couple of months since she told me, but one of my best friends - Sarah - is engaged - and rather than just making a card to mark the occasion I wanted to do something a little special for Sarah & Hywel (that's pronounced HOWELL to us Kiwi's) so I have decorated up this box to make a wedding planning / keepsakes box...On the front of the box I have put a pic of them together - but this is hidden by a piece of Vellum (just in case they didn't want to become world famous on my Blog) prettied up with Hearts from the Always set in the reminded me of the way wedding albums always had tissue or vellum between the pages. I will be catching up with her this weekend while I am at SENZ - hopefully she doesn't see this before I give it to her!P1010786 P1010784 Inside I have covered a book using more Summer Picnic paper - (this is possibly my favourite designer paper out at the moment - loving the cherries!!) so she can jot down all her ideas for the wedding...complete with a special pen - also decorated with summer picnic, and as a little idea for table settings - a wee gift box with some chocky treats inside....I couldn't get hold of sugared almonds :) P1010793 Anyway - if you are interested in decorating a box, get in touch with me as I am going to run a class as soon as I have some numbers.

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Anna Sutherland said...

What a fabulous gift idea and one that I'm sure will be treasured. Well done and good luck for your up coming class.

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