Sunday, September 28, 2008

OK - When you're on a roll you should go with it right??

Now, I really should be heading to bed soon - on account of it being stinky daylight savings changeover and I am already an hour sleep deprived from last night - but I just had to show this off....


Coming soon to anyone who wants to attend the class - we are going to decorate up some boxes - this is just a tiny version I tried to practice - I will post the real McCoy just as soon as I get a chance to do the sample.....hmm - sometime between workshops, work, SENZ and meetings for Stamp Camp - I promise you won't have to wait toooo long!  I still have the details to work out, but watch this space!


Lisa Green said...

Yey, Welcome! I like you and your creations already. Can't wait to see more! Hope everything goes well, and what a good Idea that camp is, I'm a demo myself in Christchurch and there's nothing more I would rather (well...,ya know) do than stamp for a few days with like minded ladies, away from distractions, hello!Kids, chores, work etc.yawn! I think I shall be off to bed too, but couldn't go to bed without having one more check of the nzsublog page, and I'm glad I did!
Kindest regards, Lisa Green

Debby said...

Your creations are lovely. Question where do you live that you have daylight savings in September?

Melinda said...

Hi Debby - Good point - I haven't let you know on my blog where I live!! New Zeland!! We have just switched to having Daylight Savings for a longer time over our summer - Yesterday - yep, beautiful summery - dreary, frost even at my outside this morning to ice on the windscreen of my car!!

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