Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hey! Long Time No Blog!

Yeah.... so what can I say - I have lots of excuses but none of them that great - lets just say I have been flat out at my day job - no recession when you work for a company that designs restaurants for McDonald's - the mighty Big Mac is recession proof! however that has meant that my creative mojo has been near non-existent.

So a couple of months back my dear friend Amy's little man Monte had his first birthday....being one of the child free thirty-somethings that I am, I am generally not the best with kids cards - and especially when it comes to boys - so I was actually pretty chuffed with how this came out.

Here's The Front:


And opened up:Monte Stitched (This photo is stitched so don't look too closely!!)

I can't say that Monte was too excited by it but his mum liked it at least...his present however (a toy vacuum cleaner dog that really picks up stuff) comes out whenever mum does the vacuuming....sensitive new age guy in training - next year I think we'll get him a toy oven and a chef's uniform!

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Yeah you have updated!!! lovely card Mel it looks awesome,

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