Friday, March 13, 2009

KWerner Color Inspiration #45


Hello everyone, hows your evening?....You know it's strange how life imitates art - as just tonight I have been at the hairdressers and what colours did I go for my hair but blond on top with this great black underneath...then off home I went to do this colour challenge - black, white & grey....thankfully I don't have any grey hair yet though :)

So here's my entry.....for someone who predominantly wears black this one actually seemed a little challenging - I really wanted to add a splash of something!



Just in case you can't quite see it (am increasingly dis-satisfied with my camera lately) I started with a basic black base and embossed this with clear embossing, then away I went with the rest - this card ended up coming together quite quickly! Ribbons on this one are not Stampin' from a clearance at Spotlight last year! Righto - must get this on to Kristina's blog....Oh my goodness its just gone midnight!

(12.34pm the next day: just updated the pics - slightly better in the day light....but still think I need a new camera....hmmm Christmas is how many months away??)


Leonie said...

midnight cards are always the best, this is a great design for a card, and I love that set, it is my current fav!

Michelle said...

Great card Melinda! Well done.

Winter said...


Sharlene said...

Fabulous card! I see you didnt go straight home to bed after we finished chatting last night like you said you were going to!!

Great card though - obviously you do some fabulous creating late at night.

Tracey Old said...

Don't you just love this set. Your card looks great.

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